The Doom’s Day

Poster Design



Beginnings of the Doom’s Day design

After I posted the Legend Of A Lion featured design, I was watching some videos on YouTube the other day and some of them were talking about the Doom’s day and other stuff, many ideas started flipping around my head, I got the passion to make a Photoshop featured design that predict how the end of the world would look like!! Specially after watching the 2012 movie on theater two years ago along with other Doom’s day or the judgment day movies someday, I had a bunch of ideas but they weren’t emphasizing what a featured design looks like!!

Ideas behind the Doom’s Day design

Later on, I Googled some photos and gathered my mind, taking in consideration that the world begins when first human being civilizations were founded in Mesopotamia (Iraq) more than 7000 Years B.D., and how life was greenish and colorful, so I assumed the Doom’s Day design should represents the first civilization’s end, no matter the time or the period as the design is just an artistic point of view, and from this point I started drawing my full design image inside of my head..