Client Projects

Allayah Furniture TV Ad

Posted by | July 9 | No Comments on Allayah Furniture TV Ad

One of the TV ads I have worked on recently is “Allayah Furniture TV Ad” a story telling kind of advertisement tells a story about the lovely wife who dedicated her thoughts to live in a certain lifestyle that brings joy and refreshments into the whole family after deciding to buy all her house furniture […]

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Shelet Hamen – Music Video Clip Special Effects 2016

Posted by | January 18 | No Comments on Shelet Hamen – Music Video Clip Special Effects 2016

“Shelet Hamen” is the new song released by the Lebanese star “Anwar Nour” recently whom also released a music video clip for the same song on TV directed by

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Quest Animation Ad Sample

Posted by | September 24 | No Comments on Quest Animation Ad Sample

The Quest animation Advertisement video was created by Babylon Gate Films for one of its clients from Kuwait, the main reason behind this video is to be presented at their Instagram profile page thats why they asked to create the video in specific settings and dimension to be suitable for Instagram.   The content was […]

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Grandmother’s Farm II – Visual Effects

Posted by | April 1 | 13 Comments on Grandmother’s Farm II – Visual Effects

  Grandmother’s Farm II is one of the most famous Emirate featured movies directed by the Emirate director Ahmed Zain after the huge success the first episode of this film series over the UAE and the gulf in general. Our part was in the visual effects which we added and created some effects in the […]

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Logo And Intro

Posted by | December 20 | No Comments on Logo And Intro

This logo intro was created to one of my USA client after taking in consideration all his requirements hence we took our time negotiating the idea and how the final video should be but the client had already the full idea and wanted to implement it so we did that perfectly as per his instructions […]

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89 Studios – Intro

Posted by | January 18 | No Comments on 89 Studios – Intro

This intro animation was developed for one of my Emirate client here in Dubai for his new studio, hence his studio features quality photography production along with multimedia. Because of the studio’s idea I took in consideration the client’s inspirational thoughts regarding the title of his studio so we had long discussion and depending on […]

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Moda Beauty – Outro Animation

Posted by | December 16 | No Comments on Moda Beauty – Outro Animation

One of my clients from England requested me to make an outro text animation for his company, as per his requirements I made this video for him, he loved it. Text animation is also something I love working on, I like always to produce quality results in all my work, I don’t show the client […]

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Darkness Special Effects!!

Posted by | December 13 | No Comments on Darkness Special Effects!!

“Darkness” the Emirate short film directed by the Emirate director Ahmed Zain has been participating in festivals such as Dubai International Film Festival 2010, Gulf Film Festival 2011 and others… I participated in this short film as a special effects editor, the scenes I edited was around 45 to 50 seconds all in all, but […]

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