Masquerade – Short Film 2017

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The Awards Winner “Masquerade” short film by Babylon Gate Films describes our daily life acting as actors dealing with different people, different societies and levels with social hypocrisy. Some people state that we are all live in a lie and it’s hard to express our true self in front of people or at least in […]

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Watch: ‘Game of Thrones’ Behind the Scenes of Most Explosive Episode Ever

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Who doesn’t know or watched Game of Thrones seasons and their episodes! the greatest historical and fantasy tv series on its seventh season, brought more challenges to the action cast of the 4th Episode, a fury unleashed on the Loot Train Attack scenes. Behind The Scene Video The Behind the Scenes video, showcase these challenges […]

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Video Editor & Video Editing in Dubai

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If you are looking for a professional Video Editor and/or Video Editing services in dubai you have arrived to the right place, I offer my clients a full video editing and post production solutions at highest quality of professionalism along with all budgets in an affordable prices

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Demo Reel

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Samples of my work in one demo reel showing the skills and services that Babylon Gate Films offer its clients, the demo reel includes work samples of Video Shooting, Color correction and Color grading, Timelapse, Special Effects, Animation, Intros, Advertisements … et

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Shelet Hamen – Music Video Clip Special Effects 2016

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“Shelet Hamen” is the new song released by the Lebanese star “Anwar Nour” recently whom also released a music video clip for the same song on TV directed by

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Birdman Movie Breaks All Records In The 2015 Oscars

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Regardless of the last superhero roles for Michael Keaton in his Batman movie series, the Birdman movie were Keaton playing the lead actor role in the story in a dark comedy drama movie and the new idea behind it is not represented only by the story but the camera from the first scene until 10 […]

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Video – Malaysia In Less Than 5 Minutes

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Have you ever wondered how Malaysia looks? I mean in almost every aspect .. Malaysia is a wonderful country with lots of traditions and nature places and the majority of its population is Muslim, hence there are many other religions such as Christianity, Hindu, Buddhist …. etc.     I had the chance to visit […]

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UAE Inspirational Glance From The Past

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Sometimes flipping and previewing old photography of mine provides creative ideas hence the “UAE Inspirational Glance From The Past” poster was photographed by me around 4 years ago in Dubai Greek. Off course you would wonder where is that area in Dubai Creek that has the mountains along with the heritage buildings and desert at […]

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سيمور جلال – الصوت الاصيل

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من منا لم يشاهد ويتابع برنامج ذه فويس من على قناة الام بي سي هذا البرنامج الذي جذب مئات الملايين من المشاهدين بسبب فكرته الذكيه وحكامه المحبوبون، العشرات من ذوي الاصوات المتميزه في وطننا العربي قد شاركوا وبضمنهم المتسابق العراقي سيمور جلال. الفنان سيمور جلال الذي وصل الى نهائيات برنامج The Voice لم يكن بحاجه […]

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Demon Transformation

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Demon may be presented in unlimited ways specially when it comes to film industry, there are many famous demon movies out there and many of them are unique but they all have the same goal, to be creepy.   I was thinking about the last time I made the Hulky Transformation on my friend Muhannad […]

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BIFF jury praises the INSO Documentary

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When the Iraqi National Symphony Orchestra Features documentary participated in the Baghdad International Film Festival last year in its fifths edition has got a great feedback from the audience who attended the film in the screening.   A non forgettable moment   Also some of the pioneer Iraqi film makers along with other reporters have […]

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Shiekh Zayed Grand Mosque

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Who doesn’t know or heard of Shiekh Zayed Grand Mosque!! the big edifice located in Abu Dhabi the capital of United Arab Emirates. The Grand Mosque considered to be the key for worship in the UAE which can handle visitors of more than 40,000 people during Fridays or Eid prayers, it has the biggest carpet […]

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The HULKY Transform effect

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You don’t see the Hulky transform effect on people everyday.. better to check this out ..   Yesterday me and my friend Mohannad went for outdoors shooting I took as usual my equipment and start walking the streets nearby my home, then suddenly found this guy who has transferred into Hulky man but within seconds […]

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Bad Weather Aircraft Landing

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The Bad weather aircraft landing video sample is where people say special effects, the aircraft was real and then used to develop the new look scene with the special effects.   One day I was driving my car in Dubai streets and hence my way going back home passes near by the Dubai airport terminal […]

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Color Correction & Grading

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To achieve a successful film or project you need to consider how professional it looks for your audience.   “Professional Film Look” will raise your film or project up, and show the professionalism in your final film even if it is a low budgeted one, it is not a simple process that anyone can implement […]

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Video Editing & Special Effects

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Think of all the successful films, what are the reasons behind their success?   Why when you watch an American movie, you feel it’s different?   The answers for those questions are many, but one of the most missing parts in our film industry is the emotion touch.   Emotion can be added through acting, […]

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Poster Designing

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The first impression your audience would have for your film is from your Film’s Poster.   The Film Poster should reflect the theme of the film along with emotions to grab the audience attention and drive them to follow your film news and willing to watch it on theater.   Quality Poster design is also […]

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INSO Documentary Film

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Six months of continuous working, the film was done … I mean the INSO (The Iraqi National Symphony Orchestra) documentary film which took all my time in those months as this film will be participated in International Film Festivals, it tells the story of the Middle East oldest Symphony Orchestra, which established early in the […]

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INSO Documentary International Awards !!

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Great news, INSO Documentary has recently awarded International Awards from a well known International Film Festivals. The Awards were from: Raising Star Award, by Canada International Film Festival 2013 Silver Award, by California Film Festival 2012   The certificate and the trophy also where received, it was amazing to have such an achievement.   This […]

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Kinetic typography Animation “Never Did Nothin’ “

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This animation is called Kinetic typography, it is used by firms or enterprise companies to show their presentations online on YouTube or Vimeo or even their own websites.   So, this is a time consuming job that require also sitting with the client to gather the required information and understanding the idea behind the animation […]

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Babylon Gate Films Intro

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This is the project which I worked on for almost three weeks, the Babylon Gate Films intro, I divided this into project for three parts, the first one was the earth in the space, the second one was the matte painting for the 3D presentation and the third part was the logo and the title […]

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Dubai Urban – Editing Sample using FCP

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Dubai Urban video was shoot during last year when I took my camera and I shoot some footage in Dubai, while I was arranging my own footage I found this folder in my iMac, so I decided to make a simple sample of those footage and presenting them on Babylon Gate Films website.   Dubai […]

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Me at Mission Impossible 4 !!

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I was lucky to participate in Tom Cruise’s Mission Impossible 4 (Ghost Protocol) movie on 2011, it was an experience that I would never forget.   Spending the most excited times ever on set with Hollywood top rated movie makers team is something not every time a person could have a chance to.   Most […]

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Tour in Spreewald (Germany)

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During my journey to Germany in July 2010 I had the chance to shoot some wonderful video snapshots, specially in Spreewald, the forests located in east Germany where people have to use small boats to travel between the areas, there was my tour in Spreewald…   Regarding the weather that time, I only can describe […]

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Burj Khalifa New year fireworks – Dubai

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On New Year’s eve just like any other people around the world we were gathering with thousands of people in famous locations where we used to watch fireworks at special occasions such as the New Year celebrations here in Dubai, so I was at Dubai Mall just in front of Burj Khalifa (the World tallest […]

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BIFF Poster Design تصميم بوستر مهرجان بغداد السينمائي

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قمت بتصميم هذا البوستر للمشاركه في مسابقه تصميم بوستر مهرجان بغداد السينمائي الدولي الخامس، واخذت بنظر الاعتبار المعايير التي طلبوها من استخدام بعض الالوان اجباريا واستخدام شعار المهرجان، لكن الفكرة كانت متاحة حسب ابداع المصممين. فكرت مليا قبل ان قمت بعمل تصميم بوستر مهرجان بغداد السينمائي الدولي بان اعمل لوحه فنية متكامله تتكلم عن تاريخ […]

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تحميل كتاب السيناريو – مجاني

Posted by | December 15 | 4 Comments on تحميل كتاب السيناريو – مجاني

كتاب السيناريو Scenario – تأليف سدفيلد الى طلبة السيناريو وكتابه وقراءه في داخل الامارات وفي كل مكان.. هذا الكتاب دليل عمل لقارئ السيناريو وكاتبه، سيجد كتّاب السيناريو المحترفون وسواهم من كتّاب السيناريو الذين تنقصهم الخبرة انهم ازاء كتاب يغني تصوراتهم ويضيف الى معرفتهم ومعلوماتهم العملية. نبذة عن مؤلف الكتاب “سدفيلد” مؤلف هذا الكتاب وهو سدفيلد، […]

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The Legend Of A Lion – Fantasy World Design !!

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Recently I was thinking of making a fantasy image the takes the viewer to another fantasy world out of our life… so I simply started looking over the internet using Google for animals images so I can get some ideas of which ones are matching which to make a single fantasy image, so I got […]

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Fixing Old Pictures

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Fixing Old Pictures – تصليح الصور التالفه والقديمه One of the rare solutions you may find over the internet, I offer my clients fixing the old and damaged pictures and even coloring them if required.   Below is an example of what I did for one of my clients, he requested to fix his childhood […]

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A Day At Festival Center – Dubai

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I went early with my friends to Festival Center in Dubai, and I know that I visited this mall over hundreds of times but I never thought of using my iPhone 4G camera to make a video there!!!   I used my iPhone 4 camera before with a very short snapshot as trials but this […]

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Malmo Relaxation Video Clip

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The lovely thing is when I arrived to Copenhagen airport there was a metro station within the airport premises going to Sweden, Malmo Relaxation … it w..

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The Address Tower – Timelapse

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A couple of years ago, when I saw the sky were cloudy I decided to do something specially when here in Dubai its rare to have such a nice weather during the year only for a couple of weeks, so the Address Tower came into my mind, I prepared all my photography stuff, also I […]

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The Doom’s Day – Poster Design

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Beginnings of the Doom’s Day design After I posted the Legend Of A Lion featured design, I was watching some videos on YouTube the other day and some of them were talking about the Doom’s day and other stuff, many ideas started flipping around my head, I got the passion to make a Photoshop featured […]

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If you are working in a company or you own a company then definitely you need someone to help you with your animation videos.   Animation could be so powerful and useful for any company to make their life easier, because animation videos could be used in: Presentations. Products advertisements. E-marketing. Logo intro.   I […]

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